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  • Liliana Walton

Homemade Soaps

This is a quick and fun way to make your very own soap.

Hi Friends,

On Christmas I got a soap and candle making kit from All Australian Candle Making supplies and kits. That day my sister and I thought we should make some lip balm, soap and candles. The first thing we made was soaps. We found that they were great and that they were easy to make. The other good thing is that you can put any essential oil in so that you have the smell you want and like.

I have included the recipe below, but to make these soaps it is essential that you purchase a specialty soap making kit. As mentioned, I received mine for Christmas but you can easily purchase online with the help of your parent or guardian.

Good luck!

Lili out x


20-30 drops of essential oil of choice

Soap colour

Soap bar from kit


Melt soap bar. Once the soap bar has melted add the essential oil of choice and the soap colour provided. Pour soap into molds. Leave soap bar to harden for an hour.

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