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  • Liliana Walton

Bees Wax Wraps

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

This recipe was the first recipe that I found .But it worked a treat.

This year my dad decided to start bee keeping. On the first harvest we got very little honey and wax. I was too excited that I decided not to wait for enough wax to make a candle. But I did have enough to make environmentally friendly food wrap. ( glad wrap takes to long to breakdown). I found it so easy. There were a few different recipes but this one I had the ingredients for and it worked well for me. This food wrap is great over bowls (like in picture above) or for wrapping up food.

Have fun!!!

Lili out x


cotton material

bees wax

olive oil



Place cotton material on the tray and sprinkle a good amount of bees wax onto the material. Put the olive oil on the wax and material. Put in oven until the wax is melted. Take off the tray and hold for a minute or until the wax has set. ( the wax can be very hot sometimes so I recommend for parent or guardian to lift it for you)


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